Let us calculate! From Leibniz to Turing

Alan Turing er oppfinneren av datamaskinen og 23.juni 2012 er hundreårsdagen for hans fødsel.

18:30 Film om Alan Turing
19:30 Foredrag ved Thore Husfeldt, Lund University and ITU Copenhagen, etterfulgt av debatt med et panel bestående av bl.a. Michal Walicki, Institutt for Informatikk, UiB.


Thore Husfeldt, Lund University and ITU Copenhagen:
I describe the intellectual history of computational thinking, beginning with the vision of Leibniz, an early advocate of rationalism, to solve differences of opinion by symbolic reasoning in a sufficiently strong formal system. From there, the road goes via Boole, Frege, Russel, and Gödel to heartbreak and catastrophe, and via Alan Turing to the triumph of the mechanical, algorithmic worldview of today. I end with an appraisal of the possible consequences of the algorithmic world for sex, lies, and videotapes, and the future of mankind.




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